I am offering you the exclusive opportunity to attend one of my two Workshops I am running during the upcoming autumn season.

Why to attend a worksop organized by me?

My photography background and experience will guarantee you the skilled lector who has gained the Master degree, I was awarded Master QEP title by FEP jury(Federation of European professional photographers). Up to this date only about 50 European photographers have reached the Master dgree. I won many of internationally appreciated competitions all around the Globe.  I working as a Head curator on the biggest curated international site 1x.com. ( View my profile on 1x.com https://1x.com/member/petersvoboda ) My work has been exhibited in galleries and published in magazines. around the Globe. This all will guarantee you that you will be taught by a skilled and friendly professional whose aim is to teach you everything about creating strong and artistic landscape pictures. You can learn more about me here: http://www.petersvobodaphotography.com/about.html 

I can guarantee you that you will understand better entire photography process from the beginning to the final result after attending my workshop. You will return home as skilled photographer and will bring beautiful landscape pictures. I will do my best to teach you everything important, will show you my secret tricks and will be in your full disposal during entire workshop.

I am organizing workshops with a special care and I am paying a big attention to all clients.  My aim is to learn you how to find, compose and process landscape pictures to create an artistic landscape image which differ from plenty of those taken on the same place. I will chose the place for shooting and will teach you why and how I am doing so. We will try to find out what place is the most suitable for your photography due to weather conditions and day time. We will learn a though process and learn about pre-visualization, creative approach and  routine. We will learn to find the best possible angle for taking the image and will learn to find the best composition, angle and technique for your photography. I will try to teach you how to get the best result and what camera settings are the best during the shooting.

You will learn what kind of landscape pictures should be taken during the different time of the day. We will take pictures during sunrise or sunset, we will shoot during the night, chasing Northern lights, we will take pictures even at the noon. We will travel a lot from place to place just to get perfect pictures.

I will teach you how to observe the light, how to use it in your photography, what to expect and why to be patient on the place.

My approach is just individual, this is why I am running workshops with a limited amount of photographers because I wish to take enough time for every participant. The most important thing for me is the client's sattisfaction. That guarantees you enough of my time spent with individual approach as well as collective learning and discussion which is also very important part of my Workshop.

We will visit more of photogeninic and amazing places which offer beatiful scenery.

I am organizing two workshops in Iceland this late September and in November. Both workshops are intended to make you look at the landscape as a future art print which will be hanging on the wall in the clients living room.  It is intended for all who wish to improve their skills and will move forward in their photography, it's intended for beginners to advanced photographers. Simply for all who wish to create an art of the landscape pictures.

In case of your interest feel free to contact me and I will you more detailed info as soon as possible:  http://www.petersvobodaphotography.com/contact.html

Please write " WS" to the subject of your message.

Burning Ice lagoonBurning Ice lagoon

Just enterJust enterIce cave created by the meltig ice during summer in the biggest European glacier- Vatnajokul, Iceland